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Can understand

Can I development

Corporate mission: Can the infinite And in the future


             Infinite ascension can I ability of the companyTo create the bright future of human life。

             Improve the ability of each partnerCreate their own future


The enterprise culture: Above the line          

              Each minister in his heart,There is a line。

              Rejected under their standard。

              Everyone to pursue more than team expected results。

              Partner with higher standard,Will have a better future


Corporate vision: Can I come into China each family

Can I

Can I development
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Registration“Old housekeeper”Brand trademark

Development and production of independent products dehumidification box

And washing machine slots


Rich product category gradually

Sales breakthrough must mark

The lease、Formation of wujiang warehouse logistics

Purchase is the workshop office building,Use Area1464.18Square meters,

The total investment2100Wan


Investment to build the manufacturing center in shangqiu

And shangqiu logistics warehouse


Can I walk into

Every Chinese family

                 Is the domestic famous cosmetic company,2008The company was established in Shanghai。Product range covers “Home environment clean、The clothes clean、Leather cleaning care、Disinfection products、Air fragrance”Such as the five Class of hundreds of varieties。Brands including princes、Old housekeeper、His house、The cloud、List of flowers, etc。Its Old housekeeper washer tank cleaning agent、Nosering, desiccant、Net nosering, grease、Can I shoe polish, etc Have got a large number of users love。Its shangqiu can explain the commodity manufacturing co., LTD. With more than600000Tons Annual production and research and development of dozens of people in Shanghai can explain the pioneering and enterprising team provide strong support。

Can I startup

With the floor essential oil products into the market
The cloud
His house
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