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    Hou Zhengxi chairman of the board of directors to participate in research papers《Addition of hydrogen refueling for fuel cell bus fleet to existing natural gas station...【To check the details】
    In recent days,Wuhu the hydrogen energy chairman Hou Zhengxi invited employed as a vehicle by wuhan university of science and engineering discipline as a part-time master's guidance teacher。 【To check the details】
    10Month28Day,My company to employ the hydrogen expertRichard ChahineProfessor of hydrogen energy technologies(Wuhan)Co., LTD. The hydrogen chief scientist,And as company strategy committee's first full-time President。 【To check the details】
    10Month18Day,The hydrogen energy technology(Wuhan)New energy automotive industry co., LTD and wuhan institute of technology co., LTD., strategic cooperation signing ceremony held at the wuhan municipal government,Both sides around the hydrogen energy vehicles、Hydrogen hydrogen storage、Related materials such as cooperation and joint venture operations。 Wuhan institute of technology...【To check the details】
    9Month30Day,The ministry web site《New energy automobile application recommended models directory》(2018In the first10Batch)A public announcement。 ,The east windEQ5080XLCTFCEVFuel cell refrigerated trucks in the column 【To check the details】
    8Month30Monday morning,Young entrepreneurs eighth general meeting in hefei in anhui province binhu century jin yuan hotel is held ceremoniously,China's young entrepreneurs association deputy secretary-general cumt-ger、The group provincial party committee secretary Kong Tao、Deputy secretary of the relevant leaders and establish resplendence ardently400Thousands of young entrepreneurs to participate in the meeting。Wuhu the hydrogen energy co...【To check the details】
    The east windEQ5080XLCTFCEVHydrogen fuel cell refrigerated vehicle road test report 【To check the details】
    Wuhan development zone(The southern district)The hydrogen industry development planning(SongShenGao) 【To check the details】