Laiwu chint electric co., LTD., founded in1996Years,Is“Zhejiang chint electric co., LTD”,In laiwu district designated the only sales company。In line with“Service for our customers,Responsible for the customer,Let customer satisfaction”The aim of the, Adhering to the“The quality for this,The good faith is supreme”The management idea,Results achieved leap-forward development…
NJJ3Counting relay
NJS3Series of time relay
NTE8Series of time relay
NJBK6Series motor protection
JD-8Integrated motor protector
JZC1Series of contactor type relay
NR8Series thermal overload relay
NB7S-63Miniature circuit breaker
NB7Series miniature circuit breaker
NM100Series plastic shell type
NM8 NM8SSeries plastic
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