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3.0V CR1220-1LC

Take the plug button batteriesCR1220

3.0V CR2477-1LC

3.0V CR2477Button battery

3DGlasses、Digital photo frame battery application

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Power electric battery

3DGlasses、Digital photo frame battery application

LEDFlash application solutions

Compared with the traditional light source,Light-emitting diodes (leds)(LED)With many advantages,Such as low work voltage,Energy efficiency is high,Very small and directional light is produced。They are able to provide extremely broad color and white light,Do not produce the infrared(IR)Or uv(UV)。And so onLEDLights are widely used to bring light shoes,LEDElectronic candle light, etc。

RFIDActive electronic tag battery applications

RFIDActive electronic tags has the highest sensitivity,Not only has realized temperature display function,Increase the temperature of the storage function is put forward,Prominent embodies the work of online and offline mode;By matching the reader can also complete the cold-chain vehicle or objects such as target positioning、Identify and report to the police

Main control panel application

Button type lithium manganese battery monomer high voltage,Stable performance,Discharge time is long,Widely used in computer motherboard,Button batteries are commonly used computer main boardCR2032,Some industrial control panel and use button batteriesCR2450/CR2477Such models
Power electric battery
Power electric battery
Power electric company statement about brand upgrade
Power lithium manganese button cell battery company full range to go throughULCertification!
Company lithium-ion button batteryLIR1254To go throughULCertification
Shenzhen lithium-ion button battery power battery co., LTDLIR1254To go throughULThe test certification。As shown in the figure below certificate!The model is mainly applied to bluetooth headsets and other electronic equipment。
CR2477Button batteries
Power electric battery lithium manganese button cell all series to go throughULCertification!
The ten new type of button battery industry! NO:1“Much of my lock!”
Power electric battery
Power electric battery

Shenzhen power electric battery co., LTD is subordinate is electricity(Hong Kong)Industrial co., LTD. The joint venture。Our company focus on button battery research and development,Production and sales。The company is located in guangdong shenzhen light district,Production workshop area5000More than square,With large automatic stamping equipment、Advanced automatic production line and automatic detection equipment;Through the button battery products of the companyULSafety certification,UN38.3 The test,Products fully meet the eu battery2006/66/EC And2013/56/EU Environmental requirements,The plant through theISO9001(2008)Certification,And have many button battery of new practical invention patent。


“Quality first,The good faith first,The sustainable development” It is our business philosophy。At present our company has a number of highly qualified technical personnel and sales team,We hope by the high quality product and pragmatic attitude to for the general customers to provide excellent durable service!At present,My company produces two series of environment-friendly button battery:Lithium--Manganese dioxide button battery and lithium ion rechargeable button pool has been widely used in all kinds of advanced electronic and electric field of consumer goods:Computer main board,Calculator,Electronic dictionary,Electronic clock,The remote control,Alarm,Electronic scale,Rice cooker,LEDShoes lights,LEDThe candle lights,Smart wear equipment,Bluetooth headsets and various kinds of instruments and meters, etc。

Power electric battery